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Abu Dhabi Oil and Gas Engineering Company Jobs – Find Oil and Gas Engineer Jobs in Abu Dhabi UAE.

Abu Dhabi is the capital of United Arab Emirates. With a population of over two million, it’s the largest city in the UAE and one of the mostimportant economic centres in the region. Abu Dhabi is a major financial and industrial center, home to some of the world’s largest oil and gas reserves. The city has also become known for its fashion and design scenes, as well as its host of music festivals. If you’re looking for an opportunity to work in a challenging and innovative company, look no further than Abu Dhabi Oil and Gas Engineering Company.


What Abu Dhabi Oil and Gas Engineering Company offers

Abu Dhabi Oil and Gas Engineering Company offers a variety of exciting opportunities in both industry and research.

Industry opportunities include working with the oil and gas sector on contracts, as well as being a part of the team that develops new drilling strategies for the company.

Research opportunities include working with geologists, engineers, and scientists to develop innovative ways of extracting hydrocarbons for use in products like oil and gas, plastics, chemicals, and even food.

The company also has an extensive network of training centers throughout Abu Dhabi where staff can further their skillset or develop new ones to make them more competitive in their field.

With such an extensive recruitment process, it’s no wonder that Abu Dhabi is one of the most highly sought after employers in the region!


The company’s history

Abu Dhabi Oil and Gas Engineering Company was established in 1979 by the government of the United Arab Emirates. Since then, it has grown to become one of the world’s largest oil and gas engineering companies.

The firm specializes in planning, engineering, construction, drilling and production support services for more than 20 countries in the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia. The company has completed projects with a total value of over $1 billion.

The company is currently looking for a Senior Technical Service Engineer to join its team. As a Senior Technical Service Engineer at Abu Dhabi Oil and Gas Engineering Company, you will be responsible for developing new products or enhancing existing ones that meet customer needs. You will also design new processes, present technical presentations to customers and contribute to the development of innovative solutions that increase efficiency and reduce costs.

If you are looking for an opportunity to work in an experienced international company with strong growth potential, this may be the position for you!


The oil and gas industry in Abu Dhabi

The oil and gas industry in Abu Dhabi is one of the world’s most important energy sources. According to the World Bank, globally, such industries account for about two thirds of total final energy consumption and about 70 percent of GDP.

In this article, we take a look at what life as an engineer in Abu Dhabi would be like. We also explore why you should consider working in the oil and gas industry if you’re looking for a career with meaning.


Job opportunities in the oil and gas engineering field

Abu Dhabi Oil and Gas Engineering Company is one of the top employers in the country. If you’re interested in a challenging career, this company might be the place for you. Abu Dhabi Oil and Gas Engineering Company offers a number of opportunities with flexible working hours. You can choose to work as part of an international team or an integrated team within the local community, which gives you flexibility if you have family concerns or other commitments.

If oil and gas engineering isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other job options available with this company, including:

– Geospatial Information Systems (GIS)

– GIS Analyst

– GIS Cartography

– Research

– Geologist

– Environmental Impact Assessment

– Site Management

– Public Affairs Specialist – Project Manager


How to become a part of Abu Dhabi Oil and Gas Engineering Company

The company is a member of the Abu Dhabi Group, which is a conglomerate that has interests in a wide range of sectors including oil and gas, finance, construction, education and healthcare. The company’s work includes building residential neighbourhoods, highways, power plants and other infrastructure projects for the government.

Abu Dhabi Oil and Gas Engineering Company is expanding with the opening of new offices around the world: the United States, China, Canada and India. If you’re interested in joining their team as an engineer or director, take a look at their careers page to see if there are any openings in your area.


jobs for engineers only

Abu Dhabi is a hub for innovation and creativity. If you are an engineer with a passion for innovative design and urban development, ABDOGEC might be the place for you.

We have established ourselves as one of the leading engineering companies in the region, with high-profile projects that include major infrastructure developments, industrial parks, residential communities and innovative city planning initiatives.

We offer an exciting opportunity to work in one of the fastest growing regions in the world. We are looking for people who want to make an impact, who know how to work hard and who will thrive on our team. With offices in Abu Dhabi, London and Dubai, we believe our global reach is a great benefit to our employees wanting to broaden their horizons while still working close to home.


Apply online

, or call to discuss your qualifications

Abu Dhabi Oil and Gas Engineering Company seeks to fill multiple openings for an experienced and passionate professional with an interest in working on the planning, design, construction, and operation of oil and gas facilities.

If you’re interested in joining our team as a Professional Engineer – Project Design, we have a few requirements that need understanding:

* You must have a degree in Civil or Mechanical engineering

* You must have at least three years of experience working on projects related to oil and gas production, processing, transmission, storage, distribution and transportation

* You must be proficient in both English and Arabic

If you believe you meet the requirements outlined above, then please apply online by visiting https://www.abu-dhabi-recruitment.com/company/jobs/?cid=50&geo_country=EAEU


Get in touch with the recruitment team.

If you’re looking for something different and exciting, Abu Dhabi Oil and Gas Engineering Company is the right place for you.

As a company, we have a culture of innovation that allows us to take on problems that haven’t yet been solved. Some of the best minds in the industry are based here, and we are always on the lookout for new talent and new ideas.

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